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This document will explain all procedures for your hospital stay, contains information on all our facilities and departments and will supply you with helpful information prior to your admission with us


  • 1994   -   On the 1st of June we opened our doors as a Day Hospital with 2 Operating Theaters and a Primary Health Care Clinic.

  • 1996   -   10 Double rooms for over-night stay were added due to public demand; therefore we became a full Hospital.

  • 1998   -   A third operating theater was added to handle the growing demand.

  • 2000 - 2002   -   Another 24 Rooms were added; of which 10 were private Pediatric ward rooms.

  • 2004   -   Our Day ward was expanded to cater for 18 patients. A 3-bed High Care and 2-bed ICU was added to our facilities.

  • 2006  -   5 more Pediatric rooms were added.

  • 2008 - 2009   -  We started building our 15 room Maternity department. This department also has its own dedicated Cesarean Section Theater. A 4-cot Neo-Natal ICU & 4-cot Neo-Natal High Care also forms part of this department. The pediatric ward also moved to new premises and was upgraded to 20 private rooms.

  • 2011   -   5 more rooms were added to Maternity.

  • 2013 - 2014   -  once again Maternity was expanded.

  • 2016 - A new Retail Pharmacy was added in the new Medical Complex

  • 2018 - A Robotic Dispensing machine was installed in the Pharmacy

  • 2019 - Our old boardroom was renovated into a 4 bed ICU ward with a 1 bed High Care room, also resulting in expanding the General ward with 3 private rooms

  • We also added a training facility as part of our new Board room complex

  • 2019 - The main theatre complex was equipped with a C-arm to assist doctors with more specialized procedures

  • 2021 - A 5-bed specialized Paediatric ICU Unit was added

Board of Directors


Front row: Christo van Niekerk, Dr Solly Amadhila (MD), Dr Ulf Tanneberger

Back row: Corna Smith, Ndafu Amadhila-Heita, Esme Botes

Management November 2019


Front row: M Malherbe (Pharmacy), A Louw (Training), C Smith (Financial Director), Esme Botes (Executive Director), A Phillips (PRO), L Wolman (ICO)

Back row: S Namaseb (General Ward), R van der Merwe (Training), D Isaaks (Paediatric Ward), A Januarie (Maternity Ward&Theatre), C de Klerk (IT), M Groenewald (Day Ward/Procedure Room), A Gawaxas (Night shift supervisor), M Weiss (ICU/NICU), A Samukuta (Night shift supervisor), G Coetzee (Theatre)


Dr SN Amadhila

Our Managing Director, Superintendent and Paediatrition by profession

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