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Our Services

Theatre & Day Ward

Theaters: We have 3 major theaters which can handle any type of surgery. Our staff and equipment are of first-world quality.


Day Ward: This 19-bed ward caters for nursing care of all day theatre and procedure room patients


Procedure Room

Procedure Room: We do all our scope work in this state of the art procedure room. We also do minor surgical procedures here to keep treatment affordable to you our patient

OPD: Medical practitioners use our Procedure Room after hours (from 19h00 till 07h00) and over weekends and public holidays (from 07h00 to 07h00 - 24 hours), as an out-patient department. This is to make medical services delivery more accessible to our patients.  We also stock basic medication for immediate dispensing of doctor scripts specifically for these cases


General Ward

We have 23 overnight rooms for adult patients in this ward - 11 double rooms and 12 private rooms


Visiting hours = 15h00 till 20h00 (weekends and Public holidays have morning hours as well, from 10h00-11h00)


Intensive Care Unit

There are 4 dedicated, fully equipped ICU-beds (1 per cubical) and a High Care room for serious cases

Visiting hours = 15h00 till 20h00 (weekends and Public holidays have morning hours as well, from 10h00-11h00) - only family members



We have 29 Private rooms in Maternity, as well as a dedicated Caesarean section theater

Visiting Hours = 15h00-16h00 and again 19h00-20h00. Fathers and Grandparents have longer times (please ask for more information from Maternity staff)


Neo Natal ICU

This 14 cot area is for premature and special-care babies

It is situated next to the Maternity theatre for easy access

Visiting hours = unlimited for mother and father.  Grandparents only once on admission


Paediatric Ward

Pediatric Ward: Here we cater for the family in 22 private rooms - one family member may be admitted with the child/patient at no extra cost

Visiting Hours = 15h00 till 20h00 (weekends and Public holidays have morning hours as well, from 10h00-11h00)


Training Facility

Our new training facility was created as part of the new Boardroom complex and is used for internal as well as external training and CPD sessions.


Other Services

Pharmacy: Our on-site pharmacy claim from ALL Namibian Medical Aid schemes


A Home Affairs office for all birth and death registrations, is across the street


Outsourced Services

The following services are outsourced:

  • Laboratory - various laboratories are in the Rhino Park area

  • Radiology - these services are available on the hospital premises for easy access

  • Catering - This service is performed by Namibia Contract Caterers

  • Cleaning & Laundry - Namibia Contract Caterers is also responsible for these services

  • Kiosk - The Kiosk at the main entrance of the hospital is also run by Namibia Contract Caterers and provides easy meals, snacks and beverages to visitors and our staff members

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